Treatment Program

1. Members must stay with the program for approximately 12-15 months.

This treatment is not simply the breaking of a physical addiction, but we emphasize reflecting on one?s life, getting to know oneself, reconciliation with oneself, and establishing life discipline, which is equivalent to building a new life foundation and setting new life goals. This process doesn?t come easily in a short period of time, but when successful it allows members to leave their addictive lifestyle behind, and to live in sustainable freedom.
During the process, there will be periodic evaluation of progress, and mentors will personally advise and counsel members.

2. Members are required to participate in various scheduled activities.

For example, meetings, games, sports, work duties, and field trips. Members are required to comply with The Shelter’s agreement, excluding exceptional circumstances.

3. While in the program, members will not be permitted to carry money, mobile telephones, or to leave the premises without permission.

Members are allowed to contact their families, and to purchase snacks and personal items by making their needs known to their mentor.

4. Members complete the program by passing the evaluation

When a member has passed the evaluation and good progress has been made, The Shelter staff will discuss and advise him about his next steps in life. At this point the restored member can choose to return home, or if he desires to stay within our care he may choose to join our After Care program (see After Care  for program details).

5. Members who wish to leave the program before completion

It is possible to leave the program by consulting ones mentor, and in the case of members under 18 years a guardian must come pick them up. At the same time, The Shelter reserves the right to ask members to leave the program in cases when those members do not cooperate with the agreement, or exhibit aggressive or dangerous behavior toward others.

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